Ai Chatbot, make it your brand persona

People rely on Chatbots in every business. Customers of any brand expect an immediate reply for their queries no matter of time. The ai Chatbot acts as an intermediate between the brand owner and the customer. This talking Robot impersonates a human and can keep your followers of your brand engaged with information. Once after it is built, evaluate with Turing test to make it is indistinguishable from humans. The ultimate reason behind building an ai chatbot is to make it your ideal brand persona.

An era of Chatbot:

Every brand takes up the chatterbox challenge and tries to make it a hit with customers. You will have a conversational partner exhibiting intelligent behavior with exact answers. Sometimes it may not provide you the exact answer what you are looking for. Such cases could be rectified if you update your bot with logical and reasoning abilities.

Good Chatbots:

A talking robot could be done with a lot of inputs into it. It depends on of the purpose of the chatterbot. You may find chatbots like content bots, growth bots, education bots, games bot, E-commerce bots, Internet bots and science bots.

Content bots deliver automated writing. It should provide exact insights on information.

Growth bots, similar to its name, it provides data about the growth of every organization and you need.

Education bots are quite an aid for kids, being more informative it comes up with giving answers for questions raised. It could be built in any sector like science bots and others.

Internet bots performs simple and automated works to ease human efforts. Sometimes it may be a threat.

Chatbots as your brand persona:

Ai chatbot has also been used as your brand persona. It mimics a human and talks on behalf of your brand. Exhibits a unique persona marking your label and try to voice distinguishably as a human. Some kind of emotion to be imparted into talking bot to make distinguishable resonating a human. So that it might have some connection with the ideal customers of your brand. You might go mad if you keep getting a constant reply while asking your product information or about any offers of the brand.

Chatbots in FB:

You may be aware of the messenger app in FB that chat with the users and also have for messenger for your own brand to reply customers. Customers might need details on a specific product of yours. The messenger Chatbot will send automatic replies from the data stored in it. In case, of any rare details, it might confuse and responds with irrelevant answers.


Comment box:

To resolve this issue, we will launch a comment bots in a much-advanced way to assist our customers with right details about the product. Building an artificial intelligence software by giving all tiny details required for customers and thereby creating a persona for your own brand. In other words, you can also name it as a Hybrid human. It’s going to be customer friendly bot added into your workflow as an assistant.