Handling multiple emails, the right way!

It is common for a human to have more than a single email address for obvious (unknown) reasons. But what is quintessential is that the human brain has to remember these passwords to all the email addresses at the right place and the right time or shit happens!

Well, that’s just with passwords, but what about the interface changes that different email networks throw a curve ball to us? How can we possibly adapt to new interfaces every fortnight? Not to forget is the fact that we are smart humans using smartphones. With the storage and data limits that every new smartphone gives us, where do we have the space to install and multi handle all our email addresses?

Let’s not forget the overstressed work life that we smart humans lead in this career-oriented world! So here is my biggest issue with having multiple email addresses. Time. Yes, I’d be astonished to find a working human or mom, who despite having a busy schedule with meetings and drop offs, has enough time to track emails on all their email addresses every day.

So, where does this bring us to? Probably, resorting to a single email address so that the human brains don’t password freeze us at the wrong time, and not waste the little free time we get in our already busy lives. But that contradicts the very first statement in this blog. The human nature to have more than a single email address (reasons unknown or should I say unimaginable?) What the heck, the human is more than happy to sacrifice some sleep or delay some important deadlines for some petty email issues.

We live in a smart world, surrounded by smart people, using smart gadgets. So why not a smart tool that not only handles all your email woes but also gives you a smart email dashboard.

Introducing, Synctag! *TaDa*

Synctag’s smart and aggregated email dashboard delights the user with a unified, smart, and synchronized email experience. Sync any number of email address in a single dashboard and perform actions like view, write, reply, forward or archive in a single click. So, when you have a smart email dashboard, what are the chances you’d miss out on an important email from your boss or an RSVP to a close friend’s wedding invitation?

Topping your already smart email experience with some extra smartness, Synctag floods you with features that would soothe out all the email pains from your life. Scheduling weeks in advance important mails, so that you can enjoy the much-needed vacation to Hawaii.

Have a bunch of friends you like to share news (more like gossip) at work on a regular basis? What if you by mistake share it with the wrong recipient? That could land you in a big mess! What if you miss some recipient from the loop? That could lead to a broken friendship. Synctag’s group feature saves the day. We allow you to create group and send mails to the right group without making a big fuss. So, the family drama remains within the family, the gossip reaches the gossip mongers and the amazing hard work you put in your work reaches to your boss and other managers at the right time (expect a hike soon)!

Learn how to make your email more professional in our next blog. Coming Soon!