Socially Connected Office Spaces via Synctag

Your office does not allow Social Media?

And in Social Media are you being targeted by a lot of ads?

Not able to keep a tab on your office colleagues despite meeting them regularly at work?

Don’t you want your officially connected office spaces to be systematic like an apple-pie?

Do you get distracted by the uninvited Ads in Social Media?

Moreover, you have the responsibility to maintain rapport with a huge number of clients in Social Media.

Most of your clients are overseas, and some stay far away. You might never get a fair chance of knowing about your clients and colleagues/peers personally.

You try to know their interest and hobbies, and that’s how you easily bond together. You can always keep them keep engaged by posting something of their interests.

And you also need to know the whereabouts of your clients and build trust, which is an essential aspect in Marketing.

Added to it, you also need to know about each and every one of your colleagues at the office.

And to do that, you need to post relevant information in regular intervals or get in touch with them in Social Media and make your presence felt.

Now, that’s a lot of work and something none of us in this Digital Age can afford to ignore. Well, don’t sweat it out so much, we are here to help.

Synctag provides you uncluttered arrangement of posts to give you the effortless way to be more engaged in FB, Twitter, Instagram and much more.

And what else? Synctag comes out for you with an Ads free platform.

It is a platform to connect with colleagues in and out of your office and also your overseas clients.

You have cool features like Content, Social, and Media separately on three different pages, which will be user-friendly and can be spotted out at ease.

Content: For viewing content from all your favourite news and media sites.

Social: Social Networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram all in one place

Media: Aggregate your favourite streaming media all in one place and browse them.

In this blog, we would like to say slightly more about the Content section. Here, you can get RSS feed of all your favourite content websites and save those content within Synctag for easy reference. You can also archive a lot of information which you like and might like to read in your leisure time.

All these archived links will never be deleted even if they are removed from their source.

Stay tuned to know more about our remaining sections in the next few blogs.