What is Social Media anyway?

Internet-based communication tools that enable people to interact with each other by both sharing and consuming information is the broadest definition of Social Media you can find, without going into the specifics of the multitude of social networks and other services out there on the great world wide web. Read more to find out the most common features of a Social Media Network.

Profile Page: On a social network, a profile page is used to represent yourself through a profile photo, bio, a feed of recent posts plus activity on the page and more.

Friends, Followers, Groups, Hashtags and so on: These are used to connect with other users and the information they share.

Maintaining Relationships: By providing a platform to interact with your target audience, through comments, messaging, shares and likes, Social Media can help build stronger relationships with your customer base.

Newsfeeds: Information from all the other accounts you follow will get updated in real-time for you to view on your newsfeed.

customise Users can configure their user settings, customize their profiles and their friends, followers as well as manage the accounts they like and follow, along with the information on their newsfeed.

Notifications: Social Media sites will notify users if any interaction happens on the site and users have total control over these notifications.

Information updating, saving or posting: Users will be able to post anything from simple text to photos, videos, links, articles and other types of media that can be shared on that specific social media site.

Like buttons and comment sections: Users can interact with posts on Social Media using like, love or share buttons as well as comment on the posts.

Social media is no longer just a place on the Internet or an app to see what other people are doing. Millions of people, brands, and organisations have been using it to express themselves, create and share meaningful experiences and foster relationships across the globe. Log on with Synctag to find out how you can leverage different social networks to provide a more cohesive experience for you.



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